A few testimonials from grateful people
A mother's gratitude
I am a single, middle class mother residing in Table View.

I lost my job and was unemployed for five months. This was an exceptionally traumatic and stressful time in our lives. Never did I expect to find myself in this situation and never did I think that I would struggle to find another job. I felt like I was drowning in a whirlpool of despair and discouragement, as my bills were piling up and the pressure ever increasing. I came close to being evicted and there was nobody I could turn to. I put my pride in my pocket and contacted Ankarien out of sheer desperation. She immediately showed compassion and arranged for me to meet with two Angels, who brought an emergency box of groceries to me. These ladies have blown me away, because from that moment on, I felt like I had been adopted by them. Daily I received encouraging Whatsapp messages and phone calls, checking in and offering support.

Weekly I was asked if I have any special requirements and every Friday my bags of groceries were delivered to my door. So much thought has gone into these shopping parcels, there is a little bit of everything in the bags including special treats for kids, Easter Eggs, Mother's Day gifts and so much more! These ladies are volunteers, they aren't paid for their dedication, commitment and service, they are extremely compassionate, encouraging and supportive.

The Table View angels were able to send me electricity twice during the course of the month and constantly offered emotional support. To give an example they pointed me in the right direction in assisting me find employment, helping me to prepare for the interview, even to the extent where a hair colour was delivered to me, so as to cover my grey hair and help me feel confident again for my interview for employment.

Every day, I am thankful to The Table View angels for those two months of support and for rescuing my family. They pointed me in the right direction to help me find employment, they built me up and now I have been blessed with a job again.
The Challenge Overcome
My story starts with the passing of my oldest son in November last year, which is something no parent should ever have to go through, its the most heart-breaking time of our lives. We moved to live with our daughter in Table View.

The nightmare was to exceed our grief, they took our pension, we were only given 1 meal a day, and the abuse was terrifying! Hubby is also diabetic, so eating properly is vital to his health, the poor fur babies, 19 cats, 3 dogs, 4 rats were also starving. Ankarien stepped in, we received much needed food, so did the animals, BUT! Without Ankarien and SDS and all others that she roped in to get us out of the toxic situation, I cannot imagine where we would be now!

We are safe in a retirement centre and have proper meals, no abuse, and hubby has the care that he needs! Except for the grief we still feel deeply, we are safe and content.

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