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Ownership/Legal Entity & Community Membership Details

  • NPO – 167-985
  • NPC – Enterprise Number: 2016/364808/08
  • Enterprise Name: TABLE VIEW ANGELS
  • PBO and section 18 A status
  • City of Cape Town registered organization
  • Seat on Ward Committee 107 & 23

Table View Angels operates within the area between Millerton and Melkbosstrand, suburbs of Cape Town, Western Cape.

Locations & Boundaries

Only families in this area are eligible for support from TVA.

This boundary exists to allow us to focus and make a tangible.

impact on the community.

Financial Management

  • We are a registered member organization of CPF and registered with CoCT, NPC (CIPC) and NPO (DSD)
  • We hold valid PBP and SARS
  • We are audited by external
  • We adhere to strict governance
Organisational Details

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A Hand Up and Not A Hand Out

A Hand Up and Not A Hand Out

48 York Close, Parklands, Western-Cape, 7441