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Family Support


Family Angels

The first area of work was to support families who were having financial difficulty or had fallen on hard times.

This could have arisen from situations such as the loss of a partner, illness, loss of a job, or unexpected expenses.

We support families for 1-3 months to help get them back on their feet.

Our support package includes a weekly grocery delivery of non-perishable food, fruit, vegetables, meat, tinned food, baby supplies, and cleaning supplies.

We also help with mental health, medical, and the job-hunting process, having a WhatsApp JOB SEARCH group with local opportunities and help with CVs.

Electricity is also supplied when needed.

We look at a holistic approach with the motto of A HAND UP, NOT A HANDOUT.

We will also refer to other agencies, such as counseling and financial advisory services if needed.

We visit families at least once a week and befriend them to offer emotional support, through the tough time.

We assist with doctors’ visits, feeding pets and vets.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Our final area has developed as a result from the many emergency calls, we receive, often after hours, from people in crisis. We always helped where we could but following a meeting with the mother of a young woman who took her own life because no one was available when she reached out, we decided we needed to be more active in this area. Guardian Angels were born in memory of Simone, and we are a trauma team helping these emergency situations. The team are experienced counsellors or Angels, and their role is to support until professional help is available and can take over care.

Youth Ignite


Youth Ignite – Youth Entrepreneurial Programme

Youth Ignite – Youth Entrepreneurship Programme has been established with the aim to equip local youth with the requisite set of skills to become cutting-edge entrepreneurs. We aim to provide and cultivate potential in our Youth to make a sustainable positive change in our community.

The objective of the tailor-made programme is to drive entrepreneurship in the Youth sector and with the skills and knowledge learnt and practically run-on Youth empowerment it will bring significant changes to our local community.

This is done by supporting young entrepreneurs in developing their collective community upliftment business idea, business model, structuring their business plan as well as other pertinent business development areas. Graduates of the 1-year Youth Ignite programme will receive their Entrepreneurial Certificate which will increase their potential to own and run their companies with confidence, realizing tangible business success. 

One of the biggest advantages of getting started with entrepreneurship at a young age is the opportunity to learn important skills such as teamwork, networking, problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, self-discipline, etc. All these skills can help in school performance and later in life.

Entrepreneurship education aids students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to think outside the box and nurture unconventional talents and skills. It creates opportunities, ensures social justice and installs confidence.

Training support provided to beneficiaries focusing on the following development areas

  • Core Skills Training
  • Technical Training
  • Digital Training
  • Health & Safety Training

Criteria for admission

  • Youth between the ages of 13 – 19
  • Must live in Greater Table View and surrounds

 Why Your Teen Should Apply

The programme aims to provide youth with insight on owning or running businesses and pursuing further studies. It grants our youth opportunities to choices and exposure to the working environments through mentors from the business sector. Having a core group of 10 youths, we also aim to assist with any emotional or therapy help they need with one of our therapists on the team. The opportunity to build friendships is valuable and through practical and informative outings, we are sure strong bonds will be formed.

Group meetings will be held every second Monday. This excludes group outings.



Angel Therapy

We currently have 6x qualified councillors and 2x addictions support Angels. They service all the other divisions of Table View Angels.

Bloubergrant High


Bloubergrant Feeding Scheme

Feeding scheme in partnership with Bloubergrant High School to feed 100 students twice a week. We will also be looking at the overall needs of the school and assist where we can.

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A Hand Up and Not A Hand Out

A Hand Up and Not A Hand Out

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