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Our Approach

Our approach to assisting families is a holistic approach where we focus on helping families out of their immediate situations by addressing the issues on hand and by giving attention to all 3 core aspects of a healthy life, that being body, mind, and soul.

We not only provide these families with food and basic needs. We go further to work with the family to identify their needs and problem areas and work with them to alleviate and up-skill. The aim is to assist holistically so they can become self-sufficient again.


To achieve our aim and goals of supporting families to become self-sufficient, we have a screening process to assess whether TVA are the appropriate organization to assist. It is a difficult decision, but we have criteria in place that enable us to assess whether the TVA interventions and support will enable to family along the road to self-sufficiency.

For Family Support offerings, two Angels will visit the family requesting assistance, and conduct a home visit and assessment. For Angel House, an interview and background check are conducted prior to entrance.

We acknowledge that TVA staff and volunteers are not equipped or qualified to appropriately deal with certain situations. One of these is addictions. We do not help where addictions are involved but rather refer those with any form of addiction to the correct rehabilitation facilities, or in cases we can manage we use our addiction counselors.

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A Hand Up and Not A Hand Out

A Hand Up and Not A Hand Out

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