Table View Angels (TVA) is a community-focused group covering the greater areas between Milnerton and Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape. Established in September 2014, TVA operates as a registered organisation with CoCT, NPO, NPC, PBO and SARS registration. We provide assistance to families in need in the community, a Place of Safety, a Youth group, emergency trauma intervention, senior aid, and counseling.

TVA identified the growing need to act as a support element to families in the community who have fallen on hardship and find themselves going through a "bad spell".

All our projects are dealt with in an extremely confidential and discreet manner. TVA consists of a group of volunteers who aim to help the broader community by making a dignified difference to the lives of people who need a temporary hand-up. We investigate the requests made to us thoroughly, after which a compulsory home visit is conducted and only after our stringent criteria are met do we offer assistance for a period of 1-3 months.

Connections within the Community
We are working hard to support our community, and in turn, our community is our key supporter. So many local people and businesses donate food and cleaning supplies or clothing for our families, and many have set up debit orders in particular to cover the running cost of Angel House.

TVA is community-focused and volunteer-driven with strong ties to fellow accredited community organizations like:
  • TLC
  • Hope House
  • Home of Hope
  • Social Services
  • Melkbos Community Centre
  • SALT
  • Community Police Forum
  • Table View Neighborhood Watch
  • DAW
  • Little Brinks
  • Jewish Association
  • Thandanani Children's Foundation
  • One FM
  • Various churches
  • Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre (DHRC)
  • And many more.
As we are expanding we need even more support to be able to sustain our divisions and to ensure we give those in our community who are struggling a 'hand up and not a hand out.'
Aims of the Table View Angels
Act as a support element to families in our community who have fallen on hardship and find themselves going through a "bad spell".

Mission Statement:
The TVA vision and mission is to help families in need to bridge the gap between destitution and being self-efficient by giving families a HAND-UP, not just a simple HAND-OUT.
Keys to Success
  • Our Founders, Directors and team of dedicated volunteers who are driven by the following core principles:
  • Keeping families in need together.
  • Offering short term assistance to ensure we are following our principle of a hand-up and not a hand-out.
  • Keeping the family bond strong by caring for the entire family unit, including pets.
  • Making a dignified difference to the lives of those who fell into destitution.
  • Supporting the family holistically, including health and psychological needs.
  • Assisting families with basic survival needs i.e. food, clothing and medicine, and getting professional help where required.
  • Helping the families with life-skills, such as preparing CVs, actively seeking and finding employment, and referring to services such as counselling.
  • All the above it to facilitate families being able to re-establish themselves in our community with dignity and sustainability.
Organisational Details
Ownership/Legal Entity and Community Membership Details
  • NPO – 167-985
  • NPC - Enterprise Number: 2016/364808/08
  • Enterprise Name: TABLE VIEW ANGELS
  • PBO and section 18 A status
  • City of Cape Town registered organization
  • Seat on Ward Committee 107 & 23
Locations & Boundaries
    • Table View Angels operates within the area between Millerton and Melkbosstrand, suburbs of Cape Town, Western Cape.
    • Only families in this area are eligible for support from TVA.
    • This boundary exists to allow us to focus and make a tangible impact on the community.
    Financial Management
    • We are a registered CPF, C-CT, NPC and NPO
    • We hold valid PBP and SARS status
    • We are audited by external auditors
    • We adhere to strict governance practices
    Operational Activity
    Overview of Activities
    • Fundraising and planning events
    • Seeking, sorting, and auctioning non-financial donations
    • Seeking assistance for family's needs – such as electricity, bus points, and clothing.
    • Financial management.
    • Administrative duties.
    • Brand awareness.
    • Community awareness of TVA and issues families are facing. awareness from businesses and corporations for support.
    • Networking within the community and managing relationships with services and other charities.
    • Attending community meetings.
    Supporting families
    • Packing and delivering food parcels to families on a weekly basis
    • Arranging counselling or health visits – including assisting with transportation.
    • Helping with CVs and job hunting via our WhatsApp group.
    • Assisting with clothing and household items.
    • Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Also you can visit our office for personal consultation.
    Running of Angel House
    • Running and maintenance of the Angel House
    • Screening applications for eligibility
    • Once admitted, supporting families to get back on their feet – such as assisting with counseling, job hunting, and life skills
    • Collecting appropriate items required, such as food and clothing
    • Monitoring families regularly to ensure they are making progress until discharge
    Operations of Guardian Angels
    • Emergency Social Intervention Team, responding quickly to those in crisis.
    • The team consists of 10 qualified and experience Family Angels.
    • 6 team members are First Aid Trained - EFAR registered – First Responders. Fire Fighting training has also been attended by some team members and emergency councilors.
    • Radio linked to other community organisations and each other to respond and operate effectively
    Our Approach
    Our approach to assisting families is a holistic approach where we focus on helping families out of their immediate situations by addressing the issues on hand and by giving attention to all 3 core aspects of a healthy life, that being body, mind and soul.

    We not only provide these families with food and basic needs and shelter, we go further to work with the family to identify their needs and problem areas and work with them to alleviate and up-skill. The aim is to assist holistically so they can become self-sufficient again.
    In order to achieve our aim and goals of supporting families to become self-sufficient, we have a screening process to assess whether TVA are the appropriate organization to assist. It is a difficult decision, but we have criteria in place that enable us to access whether the TVA interventions and support will enable to family along the road to self-sufficiency.

    For Family Support offerings, two Angels will visit the family requesting assistance, and conduct a home visit and assessment. For Angel House, an interview and background check are conducted prior to entrance.

    We acknowledge that TVA staff and volunteers are not equipped or qualified to appropriately deal with certain situations. One of these is addictions. We do not help where addictions are involved, but rather refer those with any form of addiction to the correct rehabilitation facilities or in cases we can manage we use our addiction councilors.
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